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Most businesses lack the time and expertise to collect engaging testimonials and case studies. Wizu Stories makes it easy to gather story-based social proof that will increase your conversions and shorten your sales cycle.

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Create Trust

Build Authority

Increase Conversions

Customer Success Stories are the most powerful form of social proof, but you probably struggle to collect customer stories because...

It’s a manual, time-consuming process for each story.

Hiring an external agency is costly and doesn't scale.

Testimonials typically lack depth

Case studies are boring and unengaging

Wizu Stories

We know how frustrating it is to have prospects not converting to sales even though you have a customer base of happy customers with great experiences.

For over 20 years, we've built feedback collection software to capture customer experiences. Using our proven conversational survey tool, Wizu, we've made it our mission to make it easy to collect and publish customer stories that help your happy existing customers convert your prospects.


The Power of Stories

Ever since cavemen and cavewomen told stories through painting hunting stories on cave walls, stories have become the method humans use to communicate experiences.
Our brains are biologically programmed to consume stories, and we are trained from a young age to learn through stories.

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Why use stories in business?

People inherently trust stories

Your prospects will trust and believe the messages when told through your customers' experiences of working with you much more than any marketing claims.

Create Authority

Use stories to let your customers show your brand as the understanding guide and knowledgable expert that helped them overcome their problem.

Conversation + Story = compelling social proof

Customer Success Stories combine the power of story with the human desire to be similar to others to create the most powerful form of social proof: the conversational story. Large organizations such as Salesforce invest heavily in their Customer Success Stories website as a proven way to connect their prospects with their successful customers.

At Wizu, we believe it should be easier for your advocates to share their story with your prospects in an authentic, unfiltered way.

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One interview, maximum reuse

Repurpose content for multiple uses throughout the buyer's journey


For Product Marketing

Use story-based testimonials to create an aspirational tribe of successful customers who describe how they overcame their problems using your product.

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Use for Sales Enablement

Increase prospect conversion using Success Stories and case studies from customers with similar problems. Reduce risks for the prospect by highlighting how others used your brand and achieved transformation.

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How Does It Work?

Gathering customer stories is simple:

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Invite your advocates to the interview

Send a link to your advocates to the web interview with your virtual agent.


Edit, format and approve

Edit the story using our web app and send it to your customer for approval.

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Publish content

Use the content on your website, emails, newsletters, social media and sales collateral.

Our Promise

Using story-based social proof, you will:

Easily collect compelling story based testimonials and success stories, freeing up your time

Present a tribe of aspirational customers your prospects will want to join.

Create engaging, authentic social proof.

Overcome objections, increase conversions and shorten your sales cycle.

Let us help you collect more customer stories and increase your conversions

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