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Customer Success Stories are the most powerful form of social proof, but you probably struggle to collect customer stories because...

It’s uncomfortable to ask direct, probing questions.

It’s a manual, time-consuming process for each story.

Hiring someone else to do it is costly and doesn't scale.

Introducing Wizu Stories

We know how frustrating it can be to collect good quality stories from busy customers.

We built the worlds first chatbot survey platform, Wizu, and soon realised the survey transcripts were compelling micro-stories in themselves. That's why we've applied the same engaging chatbot technology to easily collect Customer Success Stories and generate authentic conversational social proof.

Why stories?

Build Trust

Your prospects will trust what you say when they see you have successfully helped others.

Create Authority

Use stories to let your customers show you as the guide that helped them overcome their problem

Use Customer Stories throughout the buyer’s journey

Demand Generation

Create compelling content from a tribe of success customers. Increase conversions with evidence from customers that had similar problems

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Sales Enablement

Pre-qualify prospects as prospective customers will identify with the customers in your stories and know your product or service was designed with them in mind

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Customer Success

Collect evidence of Customer Success by measuring actual advocacy. Reduce churn with a public recommendation that makes separation harder

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Our Promise

Using the power of story you can

Easily collect compelling conversational success stories from your customers.

Create a tribe of successful, happy customers and invite your prospects to join.

Build trust and authority with breadth and variety of your content.

The Process

It's easy to generate a story from a customer, let our chatbot do the hard work...

Step One

Send out invitations to your promoters

Step Two

Receive stories, edit and get approval

Step Three

Publish to your website

Story + Customer + Conversation = compelling social proof

Customer Success Stories combine the power of story with the human desire to be similar to others to create the most powerful form of social proof. Large organizations such as Salesforce invest heavily in their Customer Success Stories website as a proven way to connect their prospects with their success customers.  

Collecting enough stories using traditional consultants is a costly and time consuming process that is prohibitive to most organizations.  At Wizu, we believe it should be easier for your advocates to share their story with your prospects in an authentic, unfiltered way. We aim to democratize Customer Success Stories.

That’s why we applied our conversational survey technology to make it easy for you and your customer to share their story.  Here’s how it works:

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Why does customer advocacy matter?

Here are some tangible benefits of switching to customer advocacy.

More purchases from existing customers

"After involvement in an advocacy programme for brands they have previously purchased, more than twice as many advocates targeted by their purchase behaviour made repeat purchases compared to consumers targeted on demographic attributes alone (32 per cent versus 15 per cent).", Source: Springer

Advocacy directly correlates to growth

“In terms of percentage growth, a 7 point increase in word of mouth advocacy (net promoter score) correlated with a 1% increase in growth.”, Source: London School of Economics

Advocacy is the most trusted form of advertising

“McKinsey recently found that word-of-mouth is the primary factor behind 20% to 50% of all purchasing decisions, and 50% to 80% of word-of-mouth comes directly as a result of personal experience with a product or service.”, Source: Trustpilot