Frequently Asked Questions

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Stories appear on your page via our Story Widgets. Simply copy and paste a few lines of HTML code one time only in a similar way to Google Analytics.

When you publish stories, they'll automatically appear on your web page.

Individual stories can be added on their own page using the same method of copying and paste some script.
Wizu validates customers to prove they are who they say are and add more trust to your stories. It also means that the client can omit the organization name if getting approval is difficult - so for example the customer's name would be 'Paul Smith, Major Electrical Retailer, UK'. If you can get approval to use the organization logo then that's the best option, but people buy from people rather than logos and this is even more true with customer stories.

Our validation is done via LinkedIn - we request your customer gives temporarily permission for Wizu to capture their profile picture (which saves you a job there too).
Absolutely, the questions, colors and the bot profile image can be changed.
No, but our validation requires a LinkedIn profile. If your clients have a LinkedIn profile and can answer questions fully then the service will work for you.
No, our simple user-interface means you can simply over type the responses.

Consultants can add value by following up with the customer and editing the story further, but they aren't essential
No, our chatbot will ask the right questions and simple editing skills is all that is need to make story publishable. There are a few simple rules that we explain in the product (i.e. don't make you or your brand the hero of the story, the customer is the hero)
Yes, we commit to maintaining the HTML structure and CSS so you can modify the look and feel of the story. You must maintain the Wizu Logo according to your pricing plan though (why would you want to remove it?!)
Of course! You can create a new stories and manually copy existing stories. If you are migrating case studies, we recommend referring back to the original transcript to make the case study more conversational and story-like.
Wizu Customer Success Stories create great content using the words of your customer. You can add a separate page per story to add context to each story.
Our services conform to industry best practice and are penetration tested. Data resides in the EU. Contact us for more information or if you need the data to reside in a separate data center.