See how Sarika overcame her lack of engagement problem

"We loved the product and would like to continue using it.  It was fabulous!"

Who is Dice and what do you do?

"Hello, Sarika here. I’m the MD for Dice PLC and we’re in the gaming business. We want to make games safe and fun for all adults. And one of our core values is transparency. It almost has to be since we face a heavily regulated environment. ⚖️"

The issue was a horrible customer experience during onboarding since our data validation and compliance procedures took so long! We found people would get tired of waiting for their documents to clear and abandoned halfway through. ????

"Obviously, that’s a big problem for our sales funnel. We were haemorrhaging customers right and left. We needed to speed up the process as much as possible and keep clients informed. But since we’re a niche sector, there aren’t a lot of options out there to help with our problem"

Did you try any other solutions?

"No. Once we saw Small Tech’s case study on their work with Maddy Mower PLC - a key competitor - we knew they could help with our requirements. ???? Maddy is known for their fast approvals and after speaking with Small Tech, we know they implemented that solution."

What was it like working with Small Tech Inc?

"Oh, they were great! They mapped out the whole onboarding process and wrote custom scripts to pass through ID data to our validation provider in real-time. That means we didn’t have to wait for weekly batch uploads. That sped up the whole process by 6 days per customer. ⏩"

Plus, with the process alerts for the customers, they knew where they were in the steps much more accurately. ???? As a result, we’ve had 47% fewer dropouts during onboarding. That’s a huge boost to revenue. ????

Any advice for others sitting on the fence about working with Small Tech Inc?

Just let them take the time to map out the proper solution. You might feel like rushing the process, but if our experience is anything to go by, good things come to those who wait. ????

Do you recommend Small Tech Inc?

Definitely! We’re happy to have such a winning team onside. ????